Ana Christina

TaekwondoData Person-ID: 13814G




  • 7 registered fights, fighter won 5 out of them. That's a rate of 71.4%
  • 29 hitpoints distributed and 16 collected during fights.
  • Won 0 golden point(s) and lost 0.
  • Participated at 3 tournaments, 3 with international and 0 with national valuation.

* These data may not be used to assessing an athlete, as the level of the tournament (national / international, etc.) is not considered. Calculated on the basis of all available data.

Career Ranking

livetime ranking of all international fighters
Ana Christina is on place 11.837 with 18 points.

Saison Ranking

Ranking calculated: 26.09.2022 03:15:01

Ana Christina does not have any season ranking points.

Medal count

gold silver bronze PAR
World Championships 1 1
Continental Tournaments 1 1
Open Tournaments 1 1


Results international

result year tournament city weight category
PAR 2005 European Championships Baku -44 youth international 3.00 2
gold 1. 2006 Belgian Open Herrentals -46 youth international 3.50 0
PAR 2006 World Championships Vietnam -46 youth international 5.00 4

Rivals and results

Rivals and results international

winner points looser


European Championships, Baku
-44 youth
Trainer / Coaches:
BENITEZ MORALES, Elena (Assistantcoach)
CARREIRA CORREDOIRA, Marcos (Assistantcoach)
MARQUEZ SANCHEZ, Jose Jesus (coach)
1/08-Finale NAVARRO, Ana Christina 9 : 2 PRIOU, Clemence
1/04-Finale KOCADAG, Nilay Hande 4 : 4 NAVARRO, Ana Christina


Belgian Open, Herrentals
-46 youth
1/02-Finale NAVARRO, Ana Christina 7 : 4 RUDNICKA, Dominika
1/01-Finale NAVARRO, Ana Christina 9 : 6 SCHARF, Carolyn
World Championships, Vietnam
-46 youth
Trainer / Coaches:
CARREIRA CORREDOIRA, Marcos (Assistantcoach)
MARQUEZ SANCHEZ, Jose Jesus (coach)
ALCAZAR CORONA, Rafael (Assistantcoach)
1/16-Finale NAVARRO, Ana Christina unknown OUBAD, Rania
1/08-Finale NAVARRO, Ana Christina unknown DINULESCU, Catalina Angela
1/04-Finale HOANG, Ha Giang unknown NAVARRO, Ana Christina

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