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Coach Ranking Rules

There is no specific rule as to how many coaches are allowed to represent a national team. Some nations may have one coach responsible for their entire team, whilst other countries may send up to 5 coaches to a championships. 

To enable the creation of a fair and comparative Coach Ranking, the following rules have been applied:

·       There is a Headcoach (HC), Coach (C) and (Assistant)Trainer (A);

·       The Headcoach (HC) receives all the culminating ranking points from their national team. 

·       In the case of only one coach, they automatically assume the position of Head Coach. 

·        If one coach (C) is responsible for the Womens team, and one coach is responsible for the Mens team, both receive the Ranking Points for their relevant team.  

·       The appointed  (Assistant)Trainer (A) receives only 25 percent of the Ranking points.

·       In the case that 2 coaches are named and it is not evident for which specific team they are responsible, both will be awarded the points for the entire team until the situation has be clarified. 

The profiles of all of the coaches and trainers can be viewed in TaekwondoData under the normal search heading. The entire national team is also listed here.

National Coach – Excel Lists

Each country has been sent an Excel list of all tournaments requesting the names of all of their national coaches. All of the names that have been returned to us have been entered into TaekwondoData.

For unexplainable reasons an astounding number of countries have regrettably failed to provide us with the names of their coaches.

For this reason we are now relying on the help from insiders (coaches, competitors, helper, fans etc) within our sport to help provide us with this information. If you are able to help us in anyway possible with the collection of this data please send us an email at

If requested we are able to send an Excel table containing all the relevant data attributed to the coach and the relevant country’s team (Men and Women).



New Tournaments in TaekwondoData

All participants of all championships on the world stage (Olympic games, Worlds Championships, Universiade, etc) and those of the continental calibre (Asian and European Championships, etc.) are entered into the TaekwondoData database. Medal winners of specific Open Championships are also included.

Up until 2 years ago the ranking system of TaekwondoData was used for the seeding of the European Championships. For this reason only the results of Open Tournaments within Europe were included. However, since the WTF has taken over this seeding function, we are now including such tournaments from outside Europe.

The selected tournaments to be included in our database will be reserved to those of only sporting significance. These being:

·       A large number of participants  (800 and over)

·      Many national teams being represented (approx. 20 plus)

·       G-Status by the WTF (not mandatory)

According to their calendar, the WTF will be hosting approximately 50 tournaments. Of these, all participants of 12 of these tournaments will be entered into our database. Because the data entry is undertaken individually by hand it can take several days until all the participants have been entered.  

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