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With immediate effect you are now able to call up the activities and the successes of national coaches and trainers in the TaekwondoData website by way of the ‘Name Search’. This action has brought us a step closer to our target of bringing the role played by the national coaches to the fore alongside the successes of their competitors.

Almost 2 years we decided to not only publish the names of the competitors into the database but also those of the national coaches. We were of the opinion that this would only involve sending a request to each country for the information to be completed in a list. Unfortunately very few responses were received back and additionally we were not granted the information from the World or Continental Organisations.

Despite these obstacles the names of almost 900 national coaches are known to us and we have been able to complete 4000 fields in our lists. These lists contain information backing up to the 1973 World Championships and contain approximately 12,000 fields. So we still have a long way to go before our list is complete!

At the moment it has not been decided exactly as to how we will deal with information relating to assistant trainers.  Whilst contributing to the core of training nevertheless their role is that of assistance. At the moment Coaches are awarded ranking points from the athletes competing in their team. Whether this rule will remain so in the future has yet to be decided, or perhaps later assistant trainers may be awarded a share of these points.

For some time we have considered the publication of the Coach Ranking in  TaekwodoData despite the lack of information. However we decided that the publication would hopefully increase the awareness of the Coach Ranking and lead the national organisations to providing us with this missing information ( We will be sending them the relevant lists in which the name of the relevant national trainers should be entered. This will take a matter of minutes and will be saved in TaekwondoData forever!!



Videos in TaekwondoData

In 2009 the WTF introduced Video Replay. Since TaekwondoData record all the results of fights at all of the big tournaments it has therefore offered the opportunity to provide a link in the database to view these videos. The link can be found under the respective competitors in the menu under ‘Opponents and Results’.

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