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Find you your own private sponsor

Looking for a sponsor? We can help, that it works well!

How does it work?

  • Speak from your business environment and ask if they want to sponsor You (who is eligible, you can see in the next paragraph).
  • Every year are more than 4 million pages visited on the TaekwondoData.
  • The agreement with your sponsor is your own matter.
  • The Sponsor's logo will be published one year ( 12 month)long on your profile page. (Here is an example:
  • There are no contracts with maturities. The contract ends automatically after one year. A termination is not required.
  • Your sponsor gets a photo (screenshot) from your TaekwondoData profile page (see picture). Your sponsor can hang this screenshot in his sales area and thus advertise for themselves - and for you of course!
  • Send us the logo and the link to the homepage of your sponsor. We assume that the logo will be sent right.
  • If you have paid the administration fee, will be published on your profile page, the logo of your sponsor and send you automatically the photo with the logo (see picture) of your profile page.
  • If you do not prolong the contract, the logo and  the link are automatically deleted after one year (12 month).
  • You can place up to three sponsors on your profile page.
  • If you want to replace a sponsor, forfeit the remaining term.

As a sponsor actually everyone comes into question, for example:

  • Your favorite business (for example, bakery, butchers, etc.)
  • Your beauty salon (for example, beauty salon, hairdresser, etc.)
  • Your favorite restaurant or snack (for example, clubhouse, kebab, pizza etc.)
  • an auto repair shop or tire dealer
  • a jeweler or estate agents
  • the company of your mom or from uncle
  • the Carpenter in your area
  • Your club (has brought you up)
  • Your employer might (because it supports you)

What does the private sponsorship cost?

The publication of one advertising logos cost a handling fee of 49,- Euro per year.

Which logos we do not want?

Cigarettes, alcohol, sex, politics, religion, fraudulent business models .....

Can a sponsor advertising without your consent on your profile page?

No. Whoever wants to stand as sponsor with logo on your profile page, needs your approval!

Bank (only payment by bank transfer possible)

          TaekwondoData - Peter Bolz
          IBAN: DE28 7016 9543 0000 1124 53
          BIC: GEN0DEF1HHS



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