born on 15.06.1978, Belgium
TaekwondoData Person-ID: 44P




  • 4 registered fights, fighter won 1 out of them. That's a rate of 25.0%
  • 0 hitpoints distributed and 0 collected during fights.
  • Won 0 golden point(s) and lost 0.
  • Participated at 3 tournaments, 3 with international and 0 with national valuation.

* These data may not be used to assessing an athlete, as the level of the tournament (national / international, etc.) is not considered. Calculated on the basis of all available data.

Career Ranking

livetime ranking of all international fighters
Brahim is on place 9.845 with 20 points.

Saison Ranking

Ranking calculated: 20.06.2021 12:16:17

Brahim does not have any season ranking points.

Medal count

gold silver bronze PAR
World Championships 1 1
Open Tournaments 2 2


Results international

result year tournament city weight category
PAR 1997 World Championships Hongkong -54 senior international 10.00 0
silver 2. 1998 Belgian Open Belgian -54 senior international 5.00 0
silver 2. 1999 German Open Schwabach -58 senior international 5.00 0

Rivals and results

Rivals and results international

winner points looser


World Championships, Hongkong
-54 senior
1/32-Finale JIN, Seung-Tae unknown ABOUYA, Brahim


Belgian Open, Belgian
-54 senior
1/01-Finale CIVILETTI, Christophe unknown ABOUYA, Brahim


German Open, Schwabach
-58 senior
1/02-Finale ABOUYA, Brahim unknown QUALKADI, Mustafa
1/01-Finale MARTIN-VILLA, Francisco unknown ABOUYA, Brahim

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