Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject
    1. Taekwondo Data is an online database which contains the results and nominations of competitors and national coaches from all member nations of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). This information can be viewed over the internet. 
    2. The operator of the online database TaekwondoData are Mr. Peter Bolz from Pullach, Germany (further referred to as the Operators).
    3. The user has the possibility to access the database at anytime.
    4. The Operator will prepare and update the database with the greatest care and attention possible. However it must be stated that the TaekwondoData does not act as a complete collection. Results will be frequently updated.
    5. The database is available 24 hours daily. However, availability could be limited by necessary updates and technical changes. TaekwondoData will ensure all efforts are made to keep this period as short as possible.
  2. Copyright; Entry data
    1. The online database is subject to the protection of copyright laws.
    2. The Operator allows the user a simple, non-exclusive right to use the database TaekwondoData. The user has the right to call up the saved information from within the database for their own use. The user has the right to view the contents on screen and to print out the information for their own use. Excessive use, specifically regarding multiple duplication of copies, is only allowed for the users own purpose. Any excessive use of this kind requires the prior written permission of the Operators. Further use of photographs from the database is also only allowed following prior written permission from the Operators.
    3. The user is particularly not permitted to utilise the database to create an own database, whether that be electronic or of any other form. Not included in the impermissible duplication acts is the electronic storage, be it permanent or temporarily, of parts of the database, so long that this is in accordance with the contract terms. The legal rights of the user, in accordance with §87c UrhG remain unaffected.
  3. Final points
    1. In the case of a continued dispute resulting from the contract terms and conditions, German law will apply.
    2. Legal court location, where legally permissible will be in Munich, Germany.
    3. In the case that certain points of the user terms and conditions could become ineffective, the validity of the remaining conditions remain unaffected.

Terms and conditions dated 01.09.2014

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